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Manzano Day School Shade Structure + Barn

Owner: Manzano Day School

Date of Completion: February 2019

Building Area: 525 SF Canopy and Outdoor Classroom; 350 SF Teaching/Storage Barn

Builder: Lifeline Building Sciences, LLC

Upon arrival at Manzano Day School’s drop-off area, students and parents were met with a view of a deteriorating shade structure and pre-manufactured shed. This area’s original intent, a place for children to learn gardening while engaging with and appreciating nature and the outdoors, was not meeting its potential. With the assistance of dedicated donors and a visionary client and contractor, we seized the opportunity to create a beautiful and functional outdoor learning classroom that is also a visually interesting entry point to the campus. The design process resulted in a gestural butterfly shade structure that funnels water via a prominent copper gutter and elegant rain chain into a concrete cistern. The team utilized local building techniques and materials for the adobe barn and site walls. The specific materials for this installation were selected to enhance student learning and interface with the natural elements and cultural history of place. 

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