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One of the most fundamental parts of the design process is the conceptual or beginning phase. This phase is about generating ideas, working through various concepts and giving the Owner an understanding of what their project can and will look like. Tools used to portray these ideas include, process sketches, hand renderings and 3D models and renderings. Below are just a few samples of the various methods of design and presentation used at ARCHIS Architects.

Renderings & Visualizations: Welcome
Gates Front Elevation 4_8-17-12.jpg
Renderings & Visualizations: Image
Hochla West Elevation.jpg
Renderings & Visualizations: Image

Renderings are used to study and communicate proportion, scale, materials, lighting, sun control, and detailing. They are also a valuable tool in sharing your design with other consultants, your lender, and family and friends.

Shoalwood Plan Rendering_edited.png
Renderings & Visualizations: Welcome
Renderings & Visualizations: Image
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Renderings & Visualizations: Image


Renderings & Visualizations: Text
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