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ΛRCHIS Architects is a company focused on providing the right design solution for each unique project.  Jeremy Ortiz, Principal and Owner, graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2000 and is a registered architect in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Georgia.  He has been practicing architectural design since 1999. Jeremy draws extensive experience in all levels of residential, commercial, religious, and government work. Having lived in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, the experience he brings to the table provides opportunities for varied and relevant solutions to each design. Jeremy has spent extensive time in the residential, public, and commercial sectors which includes high end residential design, additions and renovations, office buildings, multi-family, K-12 education projects, food service, day spas, various tenant improvements, convenience centers, religious buildings, and master plans.

One of the driving passions of this company is the desire to bring quality architecture to all individuals regardless of predetermined factors.  Every home, business, building site, and tenant space is unique. So every solution should be unique as well. A kitchen can be good or it can be great.  A commercial building can do the job or it can leave an impression that will last. Our built environment needs to be thought out properly and executed with intention.  ARCHIS Architects wants to help make that a reality.

The process begins with a meeting at the project site to discuss the project.  Once the general idea is understood, the next step will include a more in depth discussion of the project as well as the use of other tools such as questionnaire's and other visuals to identify and solidify the concept.  The design process is a creative and often non-linear process which can be expressed and explored with many different tools. For some people it is a quick time line. For others, the design may go through several iterations before construction documents are prepared. The creation process always includes design sketches and some configuration of 3D models and renderings. Site selection, building orientation, material selections, building systems, and the quality of each space in a project all contribute to a memorable success.

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