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Los Niños Elementary School

Owner: Las Vegas City Schools

Date of Completion: 2021

Building Area: 55,125 SF Renovation + 10,820 SF Addition

Builder: Franken Construction

Los Niños Elementary School included renovation existing space, upgrades to building systems such as all new lighting, primary electrical service, chiller installation, security, intercom, fire alarm, replacement of flooring and ceilings, installation of a new fire suppression system throughout, re-roofing over various areas,  skylight replacement, playground modifications, exterior door and window replacement, EIFS replacement, exterior cleaning and  tuck-pointing/sealing of CMU, sidewalk repairs, regarding, restroom  renovations, a new full service kitchen, conversion of an interior  space to become a new cafeteria, a kindergarten and administration addition, all new site work including a parent loop, two separate parking lots, installation of an extensive storm water collection and storm drain system, detention ponds, regrading of other portions of the site, and other site lighting updates, security fencing and site utility upgrades. 

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